Banking Law -Debt Settings

1. Set debts to private banks

A) indebted households, N. 3869/2010

B) Set – deletion loans with the Code of Conduct of banks N. 4224/2013

C) Credit agreements with banks, checks legitimacy bank charges and invalidity of unfair contract terms (terms and conditions) in loan contracts.

D) Case Aspis- balloon loans

2. Set up debts for companies to banks

A) Set business debts and professionals

A1) extrajudicial settlement business debts

A2) Arrangement business debts by court decision

A3) Credit agreements with banks and credit lines agreements checking legality bank charges and invalidity of unfair contract terms (terms and conditions) in loan contracts.

B) Sanitation business in accordance with Article 99 and 106 B of the Bankruptcy Code

3.Agoges loan cancellation Swiss fragkokai applications for interim measures

Oppositions / orders for payment suspensions

Oppositions / auction suspensions and rescue first home

Enforce debt collection, foreclosure, mortgage liens, conduct auctions.

Debts to the State and pension funds – tax audits

Criminal law

A) All kinds of economic crimes

B) Due to all kinds of public and pension funds and tax evasion, Law 1608/1950 on public abusers

C) personality infringement crimes

D) domestic violence crimes, violation diet etc.

Civil law

A) lease disputes, drafting leases, leasehold yield orders, lease payment orders, lawsuits tenancy, rent reduction lawsuits, legal advice regarding the law on civil and commercial leases.

B) family law affairs, divorces, regulating relations between spouses, diets treatments, diligence and communication, adoptions etc.

C) Inheritance rights, skills and experience in very specific succession issues.

D) Compensation for traffic accidents with cars, lawsuits against insurance companies and Auxiliary Fund.

E) Insurance law. Lawsuits claiming indemnity from insurance risk occurrence

F) Damages actions from any tort and contractual liability, personality infringement actions.

G) Property law, assertive treatments distribution treatments, specialized usucaption issues, applications and Lands treatments, transfers, handling all kinds of notarial acts concerning rights in rem.

Commercial law

A) Bankruptcy companies and professionals, consolidation and restoration

B) Law firms, partnerships, limited liability, IKE, composition, modifications, solutions etc.

C) Securities Law – all kinds of purposes on checks, bills of exchange / promissory notes, commercial orders, debt securities, depositary receipts, warrants, bills of lading.

D) law trademarks, listings of new trade marks, renewals, oppositions and precautionary measures to stop the attack

E) Law Franchise

Labor – pension law

D. Proceedings labor law, compensation claims, accidents.

II. Social Security Law, tort actions against employers for non-insurance IKA, representation before the Labour Inspectorate, rights for single monetary benefits.

III. Special retirement issues, calculation and issuing pensions and adjustments, parallel pensioner working suspensions issues, claiming benefits at the time of retirement.

Cases of medical negligence in civil and criminal matters

consumer protection

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